Jiggle pudding sloth mascot
Pudding served with green tea


Jiggle Pudding aims to bring the sweet, subtle flavours and creamy textures of Japanese Purin to Australia's shores!

Purin is a custard and caramel dessert most commonly seen in convenience stores and cafes all over Japan. There are specialty shops that sell many flavours of Purin, and there have even been cartoon characters named or made out of Purin!

Purin has been adopted in other cultures, such as crème caramel in Italy or flan in South America, but the point of difference in Japan is the way the pudding is set rather than baked. This leads to an unbelievably light snack with a subtle vanilla and stronger caramel flavour.

Jiggle Pudding uses all-Australian suppliers for peak freshness, while keeping true to the authentic Japanese flavour of Purin. We are excited to be opening at market stalls in mid-2021!


9am - 9pm Fridays